Hello everyone! I am a Mother of two and I am originally from Philippines, half Filipino(Mom), half Chinese(Dad). Been in the US of A for about 29 years.  Lived in Big Island, Kona, Hawaii for 3 years as well. I started blogging my recipes in 2009 thru Hubpages(kitchenbiyotch) but got side-swept due to a lot of stuff going on around that time. Now that I’m back,  I want to continue on sharing my passion which is cooking. This blog is where you can also find photos of my outfits (since I work for  a clothing and accessories retailer), sharing my own, and documenting my life through pictures. I love photography as much as I love life! So from hereon, you will see different topics as I discuss them and occasional random post on what my current obsession is. Please feel free to check my recipes.

I hope you enjoy the blog!
Theresa Marcelo

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