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I started this site as a way to catalog all of the different recipes I was creating — or at least the ones that got a thumbs up from my family and friends. I started blogging in 2009 (through Hubpages), but got sidetracked because the demands of life prevented me from continuing to do so.

But here I am!

I am originally from the Philippines, of mixed heritage (Chinese and Filipino) and have been here in the USA for 30 years. I first lived in Kona, Hawaii for 3 years and have lived in the mainland since then.

I didn’t go to culinary school but I am very passionate about cooking. I developed this passion while watching my dad (who was from Macau, China) whipped up recipes just like a pianist plays music by ear, a trait which I acquired. I think. ;p. The kitchen was a safe place where we could talk about anything, from what he was going to cook the following day to how I should cut vegetables. We developed a strong bond together. It was the heart of our home!

Now that I’m a mother of two children, I continue this tradition. Both of my children knows and likes to cook as well. With most millennials today who prefers dining out and spending on take-out food, at least with mine, I know they can utilize this skill when they have their own family someday, or at least for now, they can cook if they have to, in order to survive. (That’s just really good to know as the mother). Don’t get me wrong. I love dining out and sometimes get take-out food but only on weekends(need my time-off too, you know lol). On the other hand, I can only eat so much take-out food since I am always paranoid about how much sugar, salt, oil and to top it off the MSG if ever they put on some dishes everytime you order. Another good thing with home-cooked meal, it always feels good to eat them again, the next day even if it’s just a leftover. I mean that’s for me. Maybe not for some people. I trained my children well on eating leftover food(as long as it is still edible, of course). Same goes with the hubby(does he have any choice? wink)They don’t mind having it for the second and third time at the most. I always tell them, food that is thrown away is hard-earned money down the drain since I hate throwing and wasting them. Just think about children from third-world countries who suffer from hunger and poverty. They would already be in “heaven” if they even get to eat and savor these leftover food that we get to throw away on a daily basis. Our kitchen is the hub of our household where we talk and eat meals together, just like most families do. With alcoholic beverages on the side, of course. Sometimes… Not all the time. Okay. Couple of times a week. ;p…I believe in preparing good food, no matter how simple or complicated the recipe is. Food nourishes the body and soul and no matter how much one knows the recipe (or read about it in the internet), cooking must come from the heart. Or else food will not come out as good! So make sure you feel happy and not grumpy when you’re cooking…or at least have a glass of wine with your favorite music playing so you feel good while cooking…(wink, wink!)
While Drinking and Driving is punishable and against the law, Thank God that Drinking while Cooking is legal and not a crime. Otherwise, I would have been punished to multiple life sentences already and without even parole for repeatedly committing it. Seriously. Okay. Please do not label me as the “Alcoholic kitchen bitch” or better yet, the “Drunken Cook” …I only drink in moderation. For your information. ;=)

Kidding aside, Cooking is both a talent and/or a skill but entails a lot of factors that needs to be considered. Talent, because some people are born with it, and if they have the knack for cooking, all they need is the basic steps and ingredients and the rest will follow. Same with dancing, painting, singing etc. They can keep on learning if they want to,  so that they can polish that skill for them to be better on what they want to accomplish, which becomes a “skill”.  Skill, can be learned, either thru  practice, class, online, or from someone who are willing to teach them. These days, just go to the internet and almost everything is available on there for free. However, if your heart is not really in it, you can only cook for so much and taste will not be as great as they’re supposed to be. Cooking needs a lot of patience. You have to be detail-oriented, knows the “perfect timing” and have techniques as well. In cooking, to make interesting and amazing dishes,  one must be brave and creative, can stand pressure, fast in decision making, should have organizational skills and most of all need to have multi-tasking skills so you can be more efficient.

Other than Filipino and Asian foods, I do enjoy cooking European and Mediterranean foods as well (the Spaniards ruled the Philippines for almost four hundred years). I am always experimenting food in the kitchen so some of the recipes you see here are all developed by me, either by trial and error and learning from my mistakes. Now I share with you the successful recipes I have tried and tested. For me, Cookery is not a Chemistry, although it sometimes
require guidelines, It is an Art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements.

Filipino and Chinese cultures have a lot of things in common when it comes to food and both of these cultures love cooking festive dishes. There is a lot of influence of East Asian in Filipino dishes (due to heavy Chinese influence and migration.) The Philippines have adopted the fried rice, pancit canton(chow mein), lumpia (egg rolls) humba (braised pork belly), sibut (herb chicken soup), hototay (mixed vegetable egg drop soup), and taho (soft, warm tofu with syrup served as a dessert). On top of the yearly New Year celebration around the globe, Philippines are also big in celebrating Chinese New Year. They even share some superstitions and traditions with certain types of food, on when and what to eat around this time. So a lot of food preparations are also needed. Both cultures love having family get-together on all occasions sharing all their favorite dishes. Since, I have both of these ethnicities in my genes, no wonder I always 1. really love to eat and cook and 2. love to cook for bigger parties.

I come from a big family and so does my husband. By 20 years old, when we got married, that’s how I started cooking seriously because I have to prepare for a minimum of 20-30 family members at a time everytime there is an event going on. Through trial and error, that’s how I have learned and mastered the art of cooking. I currently work now as a Project Coordinator for a giant retail company within their Finance/Corporate Operations/Facilities. Aside from cooking, I love to do volunteer work, enjoy dancing, physical fitness, and travel. Before this, I used to own a small catering business and also owned a small restaurant. There should be more to come so stay tuned~

I hope you enjoy the blog!
Theresa Marcelo

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