No Spoons and Forks please!

Boodle Fight in Philippines:
What exactly does it mean? A lot of us is wondering.
Started originally from the Philippine militaries who share eating varieties of food on the table that is placed on top of banana leaves. Mostly dried, grilled, steamed and fried food are served with different types of condiments as dipping sauce/side dishes that makes it more of a satiating experience.
No plates, no utensils, only bare hands to use. Although the word “boodle” came from Dutch word-“boedel”, w/c means money, it also has different context like, collection of lot, mass. Confusing ehh? How did they arrive on that word to call this type of activity? 😜.

Anyways, The word “fight” is due to acting of fighting and grabbing while eating since these men are really starved before they even begin. Thus, they have to eat faster so they won’t miss any. Most important though, this is to show the unity, equality and camaraderie of each and everyone from the academy regardless of their rank. However, this is not done on a daily basis in regular households in the Philippines though as what many thinks. It has now become a custom that only happens on special occasions. You still have the option though 😜
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