SF Pride Parade 2017

LGBT Pride celebrations are held around the world every month of June and the parade occurs on last sunday of the month. This year, it was held on the 25th. In this event, that is celebrated every year, present are people from all walks of life with different races and backgrounds who express and support Diversity, Inclusion and Awareness. Most importantly, Equality for all.

SF Pride 2017. Gap Inc float

It was my first time to attend the Pride parade and march with my colleagues and family. Thanks to the opportunity working for Gap Inc who was one of the major sponsors. I am proud to be a part of this company who is so passionate that supports a lot of campaign and does really a lot in helping the community so much more than “just sell clothes”! What a great company to work for.
It was soo much fun! Aside from free food, shirt, more freebies, you get to experience seeing different colorful and festive floats, dancers, drag queens, and you can also dance to amplified music.
Just be prepared with all the walking and standing long hours to enjoy them. 😉

Gap HQ in 2 Folsom, SF

Being gay isn’t easy. It’s just not.
I’ve heard quite a few stories from people I know because they were
afraid to come out of the closet due to the fear they won’t be accepted by their relatives, community and all.
I have family members and some friends who I love dearly who’s been there, so I know.

GAP Lobby

It just all starts with self-acceptance. Accept yourself for who you are so that others may do so. The world is harsh and no matter what, regardless you’re gay or not, someone will still judge and hate you. So don’t worry what others think of you, and say about you…Just do “YOU”.
That boils down to Equality, Freedom and Rights.

Gap Inc float

-Tina Lifford

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4 Replies to “SF Pride Parade 2017”

    1. I know it is still a sensitive topic for some countries. In our country, Philippines, where it is a Catholic country, a lot of people had a difficult time accepting it since they believe it is not written and allowed in the bible.

  1. This is a great post, I have not been able to attend ant LGBT parade yet because of being busy at the time theybdo happen but I do applause those who get to go. good job

    1. Thanks Denise! They do have it every year so you still have a chance. I have a lot of friends and few members of my family who are gay and I love them to pieces so I try to support in every way I can. I am also very lucky to be working for a company who is very supportive of this community because they are very passionate in this organization to promote awareness about Equality, Diversion and Inclusion.

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